Strategy for Access NFP

About Strategy for Access NFP

Strategy for Access NFP (StrAF) is the umbrella non-profit that manages StrAF’s mission is to provide educational and entertaining documentary subjects and inspiring stories for the disability community so that they can become aware that they are an integral part of a much larger global society and that they have much to share, not in spite of their disability, but because of who they are.



May 2020 Hyde Park, IL
“There is quite a bit of creative freedom and the employer is very accommodating to individual team-members' interests and strengths in selecting assignments. She is flexible and understanding, and it is never difficult to make sure your voice is heard-- she follows up with even mumbled griefs. Deadlines are always reasonable with the amount of time projects require. She is never short of new ideas for projects which can be very exciting. ”

Communications Intern

May 2020 Chicago, IL
“I loved working for Strategy for Access, because it allowed me to improve on and learn about a wide variety of skills that I would would not have learned other places. Everything from grant writing to social media to Google advertising and beyond. The environment was supportive and collaborative, and these are things I am very grateful for.”
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