Stretchlab Fremont-Silver Creek


August 2021 • Fremont, CA

What I liked

Working at StretchLab has been an amazing experience. As a student who studies Kinesiology, this was an amazing opportunity to use what I have been studying the past 5 years. Working with other individuals to help them in any way possible is rewarding in itself. To be able to help others on their journey to achieve their goals when it comes to stretching, flexibility, and overall improving their quality of life makes this a very rewarding experience. The environment of the studio is very welcoming and inclusive. There are many opportunities to learn and grow.

What I wish was different

There are not much that I had wish to be different, however, this is a physically demanding job so possibly more time to rest in between each client. You usually get 10 minutes in between each client but during those 10 minutes you have to clean, rehydrate, update notes, and etc. A little more time to collect yourself and prepare for the next client. But overall, the time goes by quickly and the adrenaline kicks in while working, and it is a fun environment altogether.


Be prepared and ready before walking into the studio. Know who your clients are by looking over the notes and plan what stretches you think would help them with their concerns. Be ready physically; this is a physically demanding job that requires a healthy mix of strength and gentle-ness. Having great communication skills will also be a plus because you will be talking and getting to know, while also educating your client.
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