Stryten Energy

About Stryten Energy

Stryten Energy builds batteries. Batteries that power your world. From cars, trucks and boats to forklifts, railway, and UPS systems, Stryten batteries offer endurance and reliability. For our transportation batteries, we work directly with retail partners to put batteries on their shelves and then into your vehicles. For our motive and network power batteries, we sell directly to our customers.

Element Resources is one of the largest automotive battery recycling companies in the United States. Recycling recovers 99% of all lead received at our recycling centers. Every year we recycle millions of pounds of lead and recover and neutralize millions of gallons of sulfuric acid. Our robust, highly controlled recycling process is a critical part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Motrex is the exclusive shared services provider for Stryten Energy and Element Resources. We specialize in Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Employee Health & Safety, Compliance, Quality, Human Resource Management, Logistics Management and Information Technology. The expertise of our team members allows our clients to focus on what they do best to excel in highly competitive markets.


Induction Furnace Operator

May 2019 Forest City, MO
“That the schedule is rotating. Meaning I would have 3-4 days off a week and this allows me time to complete courses online. Also the pay is not exceptional but it is more than enough to live off of. I will also note that while the work conditions are often brutal during the summer they are not too bad during cooler months and employees are allowed to take as many “cool off” breaks as they want or need.”

Industrial Quality Intern

May 2019 Milton, GA
“I really enjoyed the people I worked with the the project I was assigned. I got to travel to Kansas City to visit one of their plants and a Walmart DC in Alabama. It was also 15 minutes away from my house. ”
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