Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD)

About Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD)

S4CD is a bipartisan climate organization that engages students, campus VIPs, and youth leaders around the carbon dividends solution--a climate strategy that can actually pass and actually work. This bedrock solution is fast-emerging as the leading bipartisan climate proposal in the United States and has earned the support of the broadest climate coalition in American history. As young people with decades of life ahead, we are working to catapult the carbon dividends solution into the national spotlight, deliver a major climate victory, and safeguard human health and prosperity for our generation and all those still to come.



September 2020 Washington, DC
“This was my favorite internship in college. The work is stimulating, the environment is supportive, and their office in Washington D.C. places you in the center of the action. The program offered us the opportunity to own our projects and see them through to completion. This was genuinely a 10/10 experience. I highly recommend this program, especially to anyone in the social sciences or with an interest in politics.”

Semester Fellow

January 2020 Washington, DC
“The S4CD team is a hardworking and enthusiastic group of students and graduates who are fully dedicated to their cause. I felt from day one that I was part of an organization that is really making a difference in the climate policy realm. Interns are able to get the full DC experience: I have been able to meet members of congress and hear top economists speak, for example. The team has kept me busy and has allowed me to take ownership on high-level projects. ”
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