About StudySoup

Who We Are

Our founders launched StudySoup, a peer-to-peer learning marketplace in 2014. The idea for the company was borne from their own experience as students, where it wasn't always clear why some students excelled and others struggled despite their actual aptitude or intelligence. Recognizing that not every student has the ability or expertise to take notes, form study groups, or work with tutors, they sought to create an alternative, accessible method of ensuring exam preparation, regardless of the student's limitations or circumstances. And so StudySoup was born as a marketplace of study materials created by students for students. It allows top students to help their peers towards academic success while earning money for themselves.

Our Mission

StudySoup is the facilitator for every student on their path to higher education. Classrooms and lectures are all tailored to the average student, but many of us fall outside of those norms. StudySoup is here to help every student that learns in a unique way. Whether you are in need of special accommodation that your school doesn't provide, or you have financial needs that cause you to need more flexibility in how you get lecture notes, we will ensure that you have the tools that you need for academic success.

Join Us!

By participating in the note-taking program, you can help your peers on their academic journey and earn money for your own education. Join us on our journey to connect students all over the world, and create a better learning experience for all by becoming a notetaker or by utilizing our products and servic


Note Taker

August 2022 Mankato, MN
“Helping my peers trough StudySoup. Taking the notes also help me study frequently and easily. ”

Digital Marketing Coordinator

November 2022 Atlanta, GA
“The topics: they were interesting, relevant, and overall enjoyable to write about. ”
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