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About Suburban Inns

Suburban Inns hires the best people and offers the best facilities, products, and guest service to all of our hotel and restaurant guests. At Suburban Inns, we believe that consistently achieving the best is the result of embedding three Core values into our company culture: responsible, quality, and helpful. Our guests are delighted to experience all three of the core values in action, each and every visit.

Responsible: Every team member looks beyond their specific job description to consider the broader company goals. Team members own and are accountable for the company reputation.

Quality: From the food presentation in the restaurant, to the type of mattress in each hotel guest room, the friendly and eager response of a team member willing to assist; quality is evident in all that we offer our guests. Suburban Inns' hotels consistently place in the top 10% of our franchise brands, based on guest surveys.

Helpful: The essence of the hospitality industry is to server others. A helpful spirit is infused in our company culture by everyone living our trademarked phrase "every employee is empowered to exceed your expectations."



April 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
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