About SuitUp

Founded in 2014, SuitUp is a 501c3 education non-profit that increases career readiness for all students through innovative business plan competitions. Since inception, SuitUp has hosted competitions for corporate partners such as ViacomCBS, Snap Inc., Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, LinkedIn and many others, organizing events for over 6,000 volunteers and impacting more than 8,500 students.

Through SuitUp (virtually or in-person), students (10-18 years old) experience solving a realistic corporate challenge, such as designing a new product for Nike. They have the opportunity to interact with corporate volunteers who coach them on marketing, design, financing, and strategy as well as professional “soft skills”, before helping them pitch virtually to judges for a cash prize. By the end of the experience, students can see the corporate world as part of “their world” and know that job titles, such as CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, etc. are now in their grasp.


Fundraising Intern

June 2021 - December 2021 New York City, NY
“As an intern, I got to have a lot of responsibilities and opportunities from the get-go. Worked on acquiring donations, sponsorships, and overall organizing their annual gala. Was a great opportunity to be involved in a quickly growing nonprofit, but also have connections with other corporate companies like Morgan Stanley, Milk Bar, Tapestry, Vox media, and much more! ”

Retail Salesperson

August 2016 Lafayette, LA
“I liked being able to meet new people and interact with the public on the personal basis. Folks come in the store and become friends with me and share personal experience and that means a lot to them that someone actually is taking time to listen and not just take their money.”
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