Sun Tan City

About Sun Tan City

When the first Sun Tan City salon opened in 1999, co-founders and brothers David and Rick Kueber never dreamed their small company would be on the fast track to becoming a leader in the tanning industry. But now, 14+ years later, we are proud to say Sun Tan City is the fastest growing tanning salon in the nation.

When it comes to our clients’ overall satisfaction, Sun Tan City’s experience in the tanning industry really shows. That’s because we understand the care and work that goes into maintaining a tanning salon worthy of repeat visitors. Strong tanning results are the key factor that keeps clients coming back for more, and it’s at the center of the Sun Tan City mission.


Assistant salon director

June 2018 Scarborough, ME
“Working as an Assistant Salon director at Sun Tan City helped me immensely! It helped me to build structure for time management, it taught me how to be in charge and enforce rules even to employees who were older than me, to employees who were my friend, etc. Sun Tan City helped me to grow and better my work ethic as I am preparing to leave the college life and enter into the everyday lifestyle as a working woman. Sun tan city itself is a great job for a young adult who likes to tan, likes to sell, and likes more of a laid back job. It has great hours great opportunity, and it’s great for a college student especially if their hometown is close to another suntan city as transfers over breaks and throughout the school year are optional. ”

Tanning Consultant

May 2019 Dubuque, IA
“I liked that I enjoyed what I did and I know about tanning and enjoy to tan so it was fun enjoying what I am trying to sell!”
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