Sun World International, LLC

About Sun World International, LLC

Sun World first sunk its roots into the fresh fruit and vegetable industry back in 1976. We began as a packer and marketer of fresh produce, soon finding our sweet spot as a breeder, grower and marketer of our own signature grape and stonefruit varieties. Today, Sun World is still proud to be a renowned breeder in stonefruit, and our full line of proprietary red, green and black seedless grapes bring superior quality and delightful flavor to consumers around the world. We are committed to naturally growing only the freshest, most flavorful fruit, and in way that protects our planet and our people. Making this all possible takes talented and dedicated individuals in many career areas including farming, facility operations, sales, marketing, finance, administration and more.


Field worker

June 2019 - August 2019 Delano, CA
“The staff, they were helpful.”
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