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About Sunken Treasure Publishing LLC DBA Orgasmic Birth

We are a cutting edge international company that Positively Prepares woman and all birthing people and their partners for childbirth and parenting . Debra teaches doulas and all maternity care providers to prepare for birth with comfort, pleasure and love. Teaching doula in over 40 countries, and speaking and teaching at major conferences, universities around the world. We are expanding and seeking someone inspired by our message and motivated to make a different to join us and and our Orgasmic Birth podcast team, to develop sponsors, and work with our social media team to bring information and support to pregnant and parenting people in the US and globally. This job will expand with your desires, time and success.



January 2021 - July 2021 River Vale, NJ
“Working with the Orgasmic Birth team helped me to build a greater understanding of my field of interest as well as grow as a professional and a team member. Putting my communication skills into practice was beneficial and I also utilized creative and organizational skills frequently. The team at Orgasmic Birth is incredibly organized as well and it was always clearly outlined what was expected of me and when. My input was greatly taken into consideration as tasks were created and communication was always open if I needed clarification or felt I needed assistance to complete something. The team members create an incredibly friendly and open environment and show a lot of passion.”
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