Sunrise Residential Treatment Center

About Sunrise Residential Treatment Center

Sunrise offers healing program for teenage girls that includes a balanced approach between therapy, academics, and life skills in a homelike setting.
The cornerstones of the program are centered on the values of nurturance, discipline, respect.
Sunrise offers one of the best residential treatment centers that offers weekly individual/family therapy sessions, weekly equine therapy, and daily group therapy, and targeted psychotherapy groups.
Students at Sunrise are very involved in their academic studies, community service and recreational activities.

Opportunity to foster relationships with at risk youth in a setting that offers a small caseload.
Established industry leading program and training in place and the ability to make a long term impact on individual students and their families.
Opportunities for growth and advancement at Sunrise or within a family of treatment programs located in Utah, Montana, North Carolina, and Texas.
Competitive Pay


Clinical Intern/Mentor

April 2019 - September 2019 St. George, UT
“My coworkers were awesome! My experience here was really fun and very informative. The program is a really awesome one and has the patients's well-being in mind. During my training; my supervisors were understanding and took their time to explain certain work policies and how things were done in the treatment center to me. They even gave me tips on what to look for and how to better take care of myself in case there was a possible traumatic experience. I was also challenged a couple of times and I believe this is what helped me grow. Especially with my leadership skills. ”

Youth mentor

October 2018 - May 2019 Hurricane, UT
“Sunrise had amazing supervisors, fun coworkers, and an outstanding program to help teenage girls! ”
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