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About Sunshine Insurance Group

What a Company is Sunshine Insurance Group?
Three years since its establishment, we had ranked among the seven biggest insurance groups; five years, we exceeded 71 insurance bodies established at the same time; nine years, we aimed simultaneously for the field of Internet finance and overseas real estate investment; ten years, we successfully advanced into the healthcare industry, and become one of the fastest growing marketized enterprises around the world. Until today, Sunshine Insurance Group has owned multiple professional subsidiary companies including property insurance, life insurance, credit guarantee insurance, property management, Ronghe hospital and Hfax, gradually becoming the pillar leading industrial innovations.
For more than ten years, the Group has undertaken social risks valued at more than ¥118 trillion, paid various types of indemnities worth more than ¥56.3 billion, created employment opportunities of more than 130,000, paid taxes of more than ¥17.9 billion, provided insurance and guarantee for clients totaling 160 million, invested nearly ¥100 million on various public welfare and charity undertakings. We have acquired Sheraton on the Park in Australia and branded the only six-star hotel, Baccarat, in Manhattan.
On July 28th, 2015, Sunshine University was established. In October, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was brought in as honorary headmaster.


Accounting Intern

July 2018 - August 2018 Beijing, China
“I learned a lot of accounting. Especially those in real life.”
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