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You can’t miss the momentum that’s everywhere on the SUNY Cortland campus, whether it's through our active student body involved in research projects, clubs and organizations or the energy and spirit of the crowds who cheer on our Red Dragon athletic teams.

You will love collaborating with your faculty on everything from scholarly pursuits to community service activities.

Our devoted alumni participate in programs designed to connect them with current students and return to campus for reunions, athletic events or to be honored by the College.

The momentum is in the air. You can feel it!


PEER Wellness Educator

August 2022 Cortland, NY
“Attending the Wellness Wednesdays, meeting new people, learning important information, making a difference on campus”

Student Life Center Facilities Supervisor

August 2017 Cortland, NY
“I loved how amazing my bosses were. Everyone at the student life center are so friendly and helpful it’s like a big family. ”
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Questions & Answers

What can I do to prepare for an interview for a lecturer position at SUNY Cortland?

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What's a day in the life of a Lecturer at SUNY Cortland like?

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How would you describe the company culture at SUNY Cortland?

Company Culture +1
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