Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.

Marketing Intern

May - August 2019 • Warren, PA

What I liked

The company was very gracious to me as they gave me a lot of freedom during my time with the company. Some of the projects I worked on this summer were running digital campaigns, implementing social media dashboards, customer profiling, keeping a Gantt Chart, keeping track of the budget, etc. The employees involved me in very practical projects and meetings to help enhance my experience. The CEO and VP of the company are very involved with the company and knew my name as well as most employees even at the manufacturing plant.

What I wish was different

The internship was a great experience that taught me a lot. My interests are more focused on market research, strategy, and analysis so that is the only reason I did not want to continue with the company. However, I had a lot of freedom and learned a lot more on the marketing side. I focus more on Business Intelligence in school, so the internship allowed exposed me to the marketing world.


My advice would be to pick the employee's brains because they are all very knowledgable about the products sold, the market, marketing tactics, etc.
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