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About Supportive Living Inc.

Supportive Living, Inc. raises the quality of life for survivors of brain injury by providing specialized brain injury residential and wellness programs as well as stimulating applied research into rehabilitation best practices. A non-profit charity established in 1991, SLI develops appropriate and affordable housing; creates, implements and operates life-long physical, cognitive and social wellness programs; and conducts and coordinates research aimed at raising the quality of lives of those affected with brain injury.


Neuro-Fit Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Lexington, MA
“SLI's Neuro-Fit Assisted Exercise Program is an evidence-based exercise class designed for people living with functional limitations caused by a brain injury or other neurological condition. Each session features aerobic exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness, functional exercise to improve strength and mobility, as well as challenging balance and gait exercises. Interns are responsible for designing and executing exercise programs, and provide one-on-one instruction to help participants work towards specific and individualized fitness goals. I enjoyed the freedom this internship allowed me to explore my knowledge and interests. I was provided with a portfolio for every participant I worked with, and a basis for an exercise program that they typically follow. I was given the opportunity to conduct my own research and alter their exercise program to experiment with what was and wasn't effective for each participant given their brain injury and specific needs. ”

Fitness and Research Intern at the Brain Injury Wellness Center

June 2018 - August 2018 Lexington, MA
“It was a wonderful learning experience. It was a great work environment, and I was able to form close relationships with many brain injury survivors. I was given a lot of freedom and agency, and so I was able to learn a lot about brain injury and exercise. I also had a lot of choice in which programs I was interested in working on; all interns had to work on the exercise program, but we could tell our supervisor if we were interested in other programs. Therefore, I also worked on the cognitive, expressive arts, mindfulness, and horticulture programs, which was a lot of fun.”
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