Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC.

About Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC.

Synergy Additive Manufacturing LLC specializes in providing high power laser-based solutions for complex manufacturing challenges related to wear, corrosion and tool life. We provide custom laser systems and job shop services for laser heat treating, metal based additive manufacturing, and laser welding.


Mechanical Engineering Internship

September 2022 Clinton Township, MI
β€œAll of the work I completed at this company was integral to the growth and establishment of it. The entire role was soley driven by the intern and required no one to look over my shoulder. I was trusted with a great deal of tasks which helped build my organization for projects as well as eye to detail. Additionally they did work with non profit companies which had a huge impact back on the community.”

Engineering Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Clinton Township, MI
β€œI got to be involved with every aspect of the company. Every single thing I did for the company was important. I was treated as a valuable member of the team and not as an intern. I got to program CNCs and robots, be involved in laser heat treating, metal additive manufacturing projects and jobs, and even do cutting edge research that could be patentable and change the induction mold industry.”
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