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About Taqitz Advisors, LLC

Taqitz Advisors emulates the mindset of traditional climbers scaling Lily Rock who continually make essential decisions based on their assessment of opportunities and risks. The name is a reflection of our approach to serving clients: situational adaptation to optimize and accelerate each outcome. Our clients understand that decisions, made en route to completing a transaction, dictate results.

We are transaction-focused advisors specialized in providing data-centric decision support. Our legacy includes advising clients on over 200 transactions valued in excess of $100 billion. Regardless of your deal size, our experience and insights will provide a beneficial perspective.

Our team consists of finance and accounting experts with a penchant for data science. We focus on linking high-level perspectives to the detailed reality - enhancing insights while optimizing and accelerating your transaction.


Analyst (Management Consulting)

May 2023 Denver, CO
“Partners invest greatly into the learning of analysts. Beyond having benefits including a budget for continuing education and developing skills, Taqitz will regularly ask analysts to take on one-off tasks and projects that stretch you to find unique solutions and implement them. Because of how small the team is, analysts get direct and frequent access to partners. It fosters a fast-paced learning environment and offers exposure to aspects of deals that one typically does not get to learn about until several years into their career. Partners celebrate and reward you for your accomplishments and incentivize analysts to continue evolving.”

Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst

August 2021 Portland, OR
“Analysts have the opportunity to consult on projects for many different businesses which provides a wide range of exposure that few entry-level positions offer. Analysts transition to a new project every few weeks and can expect to continue to learn and progress in their abilities consistently. There is a high ceiling for growth, and the company offers excellent resources for one to build their career.”
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