About Tasheni

Volunteer internships through Tasheni are designed to help students expand professional perspectives and skills, deepen faith, increase cross-cultural understanding and invite change. Interns will help villagers in developing countries improve their level of self-reliance through Impact Projects while increasing their own leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Villages in Sub-Saharan Africa are plagued with deforestation, human trafficking, the absence of alternative fuel sources and a high child mortality rate. The most urgent needs in the Pacific villages center around generating an income to provide the necessities of life—food, shelter, medical treatment and education. By seeking and implementing solutions to increase crop production, food preservation, develop alternative cooking fuels, and mentor sustainable business strategies interns impact the roots of everyday life in these villages in a sustainable way.

Prior to departure, interns work with teammates to analyze identified social issues and develop potential solutions. Once in the villages, interns work jointly with community members to combine knowledge concerning potential applicable technologies, local materials, community culture and customs, and village and individual needs. Together they test solutions and identify the most effective interventions and then apply these solutions in real life. Interns walk beside the villagers, work with them, and see life through their eyes. The personal interaction between interns and villagers affords the rare opportunity to experience village life first hand.

Learn to see daily living through a lens that empowers and facilitates positive change and ultimately invites a better quality of life. Make a lasting difference while gaining valuable professional skills.


Applied Anthropologist

July 2019 - September 2019 Suva, Central Division
“I loved being able to really interact with and help actual people.”


July 2019 - September 2019 Port Vila, Shefa
“I love planning our day! And also making backup plans when things fall through. I love the fact that I did not know my coworkers at first since they are all from BYUI and BYU-Provo. We came inn stranger by the end of my internship we leave as Ohana.”
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