Teaching and Exchange of Chinese Culture

About Teaching and Exchange of Chinese Culture

The aim of the TECC program is to cultivate international relations between the people of the United States and China through the teaching of language and sharing of culture. Participants will act as representatives of the United States to teach English as a foreign language in China as well as to promote cross-cultural understanding on an international scale. Through the teaching of the English and Chinese languages the TECC program seeks to establish a common ground for language communication.
Since 2005, we have recruited from universities in the US and placed qualified teachers for elementary and high schools (public or private) in China to teach English classes. We have also recruited experienced teachers with MA degrees and teaching credentials to help train teachers of English subject in schools in China.


ESL Instructor Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Beijing, China
“The overall experience was everything I could ask for in a fully covered internship to a foreign country. My apartment and daily expenses were covered, as well as helping locate a host school. It gave me a chance to practice Chinese, as well as expand my horizon and develop myself further.”
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