Team Clermont

About Team Clermont

Team Clermont is the preeminent boutique music PR firm in the US & Canada. We are currently accepting resumés for social media interns, marketing interns & national publicists.

Our clients are from over 20 countries around the world and cover every style & genre imaginable with a strong tilt toward college pop, indie, pop, Britpop, avant grade, lo-fi, world, jazz, Americana, and other eclectic genres.
Clients include Sufjan Stevens & Asthmatic Kitty, Merge Records, Warner Bros, Records, and hundreds of independent record labels.


junior publicist

August 2017 Athens, GA
“Both of my bosses are very nice; the environment is fairly relaxed, and the tasks and work that I perform is very interesting and fun insofar as the content of the work itself. Open communication; willingness to work with you and be fairly flexible. ”
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