Teen Rescue, Inc.

About Teen Rescue, Inc.

Teen Rescue, Inc. is an established, well-known, 501(c)(3) Christian organization dedicated to the care of at-risk teens and children who have suffered extreme victimization.

Our fully-accredited, Christian residential boarding school is located outside of Austin, Texas. Created as a safe, structured environment for struggling students, at-risk youth, and girls who have experienced extreme victimization, our 45-acre campus offers teen girls (ages 12-17) their best opportunity to focus on education, avoid negative distractions, and improve their thoughts and behaviors for good.

We believe a “troubled teen” is no more than a regular teen who could use a more positive and structured environment. Our goal is to help struggling teen girls embrace a healthy outlook on life and teach them how to make good personal choices. For over 25 years we have provided strength, healing and, structure to teenagers who were previously off track in behavior, or at school. We serve all families, regardless of religion, beliefs, or background, and strive to bring peace back to the entire family.


Residential Counseling Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Lake Elsinore, CA
“Teen Rescue is one of the most incredible companies. They have a beautiful vision that they execute so well. They do the hard work most people are too scared to do. Working for them changed my life. ”
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