Tejas Camp and Retreat Center

About Tejas Camp and Retreat Center

Tejas is a Camp and Retreat Center located in Central Texas. We have passion for the mission of Jesus and His people. Modeled after Philippians 2:3, we strive to, in humility, consider others greater than ourselves and spend our time at camp living this out and learning how to incorporate this into our lives on a daily basis.

During the summer, we serve over 5,000 campers that come from churches across the state of Texas ranging from elementary school through high school. As a staff, we set the stage through housekeeping, guest services, kitchen, recreation, and hospitality to ensure that our guests have every opportunity to encounter Christ while at Tejas.

We value People as image bearers of Christ:
-We hire staff who invest in discipleship
-We equip and encourage our staff and guests
-We seek diversity in how we hire and who we serve

We value Service as a means of sharing the gospel:
-We are Team Two:Three (Philippians 2:3)
-We see hospitality as an opportunity to build relationships
-We are creative in our problem solving

We value Adventure as a relational catalyst:
-We provide a unique environment for guests
-We welcome spontaneity
-We are committed to strategic change and innovation


Summer staff

May 2020 - July 2020 Giddings, TX
“You get to actually focus more on the behind the scenes of running a summer camp as opposed to just being a counselor.”

Summer Staff

June 2020 - August 2020 Giddings, TX
“Community and Decipleship.”
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