About Tenacity

​Tenacity transforms contact centers into compelling, meaningful and rewarding places to work.

Contact center work is famously hard, stressful, repetitive and lonely. It’s no surprise that agents quit in droves. A 1,000 seat call center typically wastes about $8.5M in attrition costs each year.

Tenacity takes a different approach. We treat the agents as valuable, both because it is right and because it is smart. Tenacity uses its technology to transform contact centers into compelling, meaningful, and rewarding places to work.

As an MIT spinoff, Tenacity has access to the most cutting edge in big data and social analytics. The insights we have gleaned gave birth to Tenacity’s Social Matrix Analytics™. These underpin the entire Tenacity suite, and have helped us master the art of influencing agent behavior in a way that transforms their experience of work and life.


Tennis and Reading Coordinator

June 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“I liked the location, the people I worked with and the organization. ”

Site Leader

July 2019 - August 2019 Boston, MA
“Was so fun to work with kids at the Summer Tennis and Reading Program. Also was so fun to combine two things I love (tennis and reading) with my job. ”
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