The Blanch Law Firm

About The Blanch Law Firm

The Blanch Law Firm focuses on criminal investigations and cases from New York to California. Our White Collar Criminal Division represents those accused of major felonies having a financial element to the crime charged. We have a great deal of experience defending Industry Clients as well as Professionals and High Profile people from criminal charges and in government investigations with our team of top-rated criminal lawyers and defense attorneys. Our Industry Clients comprise corporate entities. Since the firm’s inception we have successfully represented corporate and individual clients facing federal and state criminal charges running the gamut from money laundering, tax evasion and grand larceny to wire fraud, mail fraud, securities crimes and insurance fraud.
Like all Law Firms, The Blanch Law Firm has a marketing component that allows the firm to get the news about its clients, success stories and interests to the public in a way that is informative and interesting.


Marketing Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“It was super interesting and there were days that I didn't want to leave the office.”
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