The Citizen Science Lab

Science Camp Instructor

June - August 2019 • Bethel Park, PA

What I liked

I enjoyed teaching kids. It was a very interactive job, and so I was rarely bored and "watching the clock." If we had to prepare for the lessons outside of work the boss would let us take hours for that, which was also cool.

What I wish was different

I needed more training (for sure) before I taught some camps. I was asked by my managers to teach camps that I did not feel I had enough of a knowledge-base in to be teaching it to others.


It's a great chance to improve your public speaking skills since you are teaching different groups of children every week. This job puts you in situations where you have to think quickly and improvise on the scene, and these are essential skills for any job. Be prepared for a challenge though- articulating science to a younger audience is tough!
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