The City of San Leandro

About The City of San Leandro

Mission Statement
We, the employees of the City of San Leandro, are dedicated and committed to serving the citizens of this community. We strive at all times to achieve the highest professional standards, to communicate a vision of the future and to enhance the quality of life for every citizen.

City Values
We value Honesty and Integrity
We value Open Communication
We value Service
We value Teamwork
We value the Individual
We value Innovation
We value Vision
We value Resource Management
We value Leadership


Transportation Engineering Intern

July 2018 - September 2018 San Leandro, CA
“I like how every intern had a main assignment/project of their own to work on this summer. It gives us a focus and allows us to learn the depths of each project and not just follow the “here’s the instructions, now complete it” surface level learning approach. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow interns. We constantly help and support each other with things like fixing a printing problem to helping each other complete parts of their task they need help on. I also appreciate the variety and quantity of assignments available.”
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