The Commencement Group

About The Commencement Group

My name is Morgan and my company, The Commencement Group, has been hired by your school to work at the upcoming graduation ceremony. What we do is set up a table and sell gifts to the parents as they come into the graduation. We're looking for responsible students who are good with people to just stand behind the table and assist our staff in the selling of our gifts. It's super easy work and they will be trained that morning. They will be paid $14 an hour for their work.

We would need your contact info ASAP so we can pass along the specifics, (dress code, where on campus to meet, etc.) so please let me know as soon as you can!


Advertising Sales Intern

May 2019 Jonesboro, GA
“I still do love the Company. Phenomenal coworkers and a great team building type of work, as well as have the ability to travel in the company’s expense, while you are on the clock working. ”

Management Intern

May 2017 Newark, NJ
“The team atmosphere, travel ability. ”
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