The Fitness Doctor

About The Fitness Doctor

The Fitness Doctor is a world class fitness model designed to not only help clients achieve a high level of fitness but to biomechanically optimize the body as well, resulting in super fitness without experiencing all of the aches and pains that normally come with it.

We start with a 317 point kinesthetic evaluation that identifies physical deficits and level of conditioning.

Trainees are them given an individualized exercise prescription designed to resolve these deficits as well as a periodized exercise program to biomechanically optimize them in order to allow them to train for peak fitness.

We develop and manage exercise, personal training, and wellness programs for individuals, groups in theNorth Scottsdale Phoenix are as well as the online community.


wellness intern

June 2019 Scottsdale, AZ
“Love the people that I worked with and I got a lo too helpful experience. It didn't even seem like work because of the people I worked with and the clients that we saw. ”
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