The Full Spectrum Child

About The Full Spectrum Child

TFSC is a company dedicated to the care of children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum. Formed in 2021 by Occupational Therapist, Laura Tewmey and Speech-Language Pathologist, Amy Vann, TFSC operates under two principles: help those diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum and their families and provide a career path for those who have a desire to work in the rewarding field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our approach to intervention is family and community based formed on the principles of ABA. We believe that everyone has potential, and TFSC can assist in meeting that potential.

Our goal is to support each child in a caring, positive environment where they work one on one with a therapist on a treatment plan specifically tailored to their needs. We use ABA to help families and children learn many life skills including reducing aggression and coping with outbursts, improving attention and focus to the world and people around them, playing with kids their own age, focusing on schoolwork, getting dressed, bathing, and brushing their teeth.

We come alongside families so they can help their child with autism reach their fullest potential. We give them, as a family, the skills to positively support their child. We provide a safe environment for children to confidently display their uniquely beautiful abilities and acquire the needed skills to participate in their lives as fully and successfully as possible.


Registered Behavioral Technician

February 2022 Fort Worth, TX
“A great company that does amazing work!”
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