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Video Game Journalist

June - August 2017 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

I enjoyed writing at an organization that shared my enthusiasm and passion for both writing and pop culture. I get to work my own hours and appreciate the new material and subjects I had to write for my internship. I was able to utilize my previous writing experiences into my own articles, talking about subjects in video games that I was not familiar with. Lastly, my supervisor was kind to guide me through the basics of video game journalism and lent me advice for future job prospects.

What I wish was different

I thought my experience at my internship would be better if it was held at an office building rather than at home. When I am writing articles at home, I felt that I was being distracted from doing my work at times. If the internship was held at an office building, I would have been for attentive and focused on writing articles. Also, in an office setting, I would have better access to speak to my supervisor and my colleagues if I had any questions or need them to inspect my articles before I publish them. Commuting to my internship would have prepared me more for prospective work experiences outside of school and other internships.


Always communicate with your supervisor/ advisor at the internship. They are always there to help in case anyone has any questions or wants another pair of eyes to overlook written work before submitting for publishing. They are there to make sure you are following directions and give you constructive feedback for future experiences outside of school and the internship.
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