The Kleingers Group

Engineering Co-op

January - May 2023 • West Chester, OH

What I liked

Everyone at this company was very welcoming and helpful to all of the Co-ops. This comfortability made a great environment for learning while still being able to provide for the clients. The cubicles are about half the height of normal offices and there are at least 2 other engineers within proximity which makes it easy to reach out and ask a question if you are struggling. Some projects I worked on were preliminary concepts, due diligence research, creating grading plans, creating demolition plans, and contacting utility companies.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have worked on a more long-term project. Most of the projects I worked on were preliminary design work. While I got a good variety of projects, it would've been interesting to stay with a project a little bit longer than just a few weeks. I did get to work on some projects that were in later stages of development, so that gave me some insight to where all these preliminary projects would end up. However, it makes sense that I didn't do anything too complicated because this was my first term for a co-op.


Don't be afraid to ask questions. A little bit of extra questioning at the beginning of a project goes a long way. Granted, knowing what questions are beneficial to ask come with experience, but this early questioning prevents a lot of confusion later while drafting the project. Especially with preliminary design work, knowing the full scope of the project, as well as your boundaries, allows you to produce something feasible for your client. Seek knowledge always.
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