The Language Conservancy

About The Language Conservancy

The Language Conservancy stands as the foremost organization working with endangered languages in North America. We work daily on the ground in partnership with dozens of communities to revitalize their languages. TLC recognizes that language loss is a problem that spans the globe and has begun to work with communities in Australia and other regions of the world.

We have developed a range of new techniques for documenting and revitalizing an increasing number of languages more efficiently and more productively. These new techniques allow us to develop resources, build capacity, and train educators in communities more successfully than ever before.


Student Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Bloomington, IN
“The work atmosphere was wonderful. I really liked my fellow interns, and it was a very collaborative work space! In addition, we were trusted with a lot of work and got a lot of hands-on experience. I even got the chance to go to Montana and do field work directly. ”
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