The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

About The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Plastic Surgery and Dermatology medical practice with specialized surgeons and dermatologists performing mainly cosmetic procedures.


Medical Assistance Intern

July 2020 Reston, VA
“The Naderi Center and its staff are completely professional and it seems care is taken into every aspect of the medical office. I was allowed to be involved in patients' appointments more than I thought a mere intern could be such as shadowing during and preparing for pre-op, post-op, cast removals, injections, and dermal procedures. I was also involved in the more office-like responsibilities such as inventory, uploading pictures, daily opening and closing procedures, and, interestingly, novel COVID procedures including legal documentation (again, careful detail) and strict cleaning methods/times. Also, the supervisors (manager, COO, and Dr. Naderi) are all friendly and always aim to teach me about working in a dermatology and plastic surgery office. It makes me think how The Naderi Center is unique but also how it is similar with other specialties' offices in day-to-day activities and their mission.”
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