The Nice Plant

About The Nice Plant

The Nice Plant is a plant and plant-based startup rooted in self care and wellness! We aim to simplify gifting and make adding plants and plant-based products to your spaces easy and stress-free. Each of our boxes is curated and includes plants and/or plant-based all-natural products.
We care tremendously about wellness from a physical and mental perspective and amplify a gratitude-rooted mindset. The products we hand-pour or hand source are all-natural and yield a positive impact wherever and whenever used. Our mission is to invite and introduce a new vision and version of wellness, one without rigid parameters that is oftentimes exclusionary to certain demographics of people. Our vision of wellness is inclusive and represents our lifestyle as a busy, entrepreneurial-minded couple with healthy habits while encouraging others to be mindful in their own journeys.


Digital Marketing Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Los Angeles, CA
“I enjoyed being a part of a small business that only had a few employees so I felt very confident about using my experience for their social media postings and in other digital marketing aspects.”
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