The Optimus Consultant Group

About The Optimus Consultant Group

We are built by sourcing passionate people who share our beliefs and dedication to seeing what happens when you start a business with love instead of strictly the bottom line. As a result, over the years we have achieved both joy and success building some of the most elite sales, marketing and real estate teams in the country.

As a People Empowerment Organization, our mission is helping current and aspiring leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives achieve freedom, wealth and joy through an uncompromising combination of systems, mentality development, skills training, Somatic Marketing™, wellness and wealth building.

We are hired by organizations of all kinds to train elite sales, marketing and leadership. We also create Opportunity Initiatives & internships for our clients as advanced, scaleable, custom fast-tracks for them to attract, implement and empower individuals with equally exceptional ambition, work ethic and character. Included among these is our Million Dollar Internship™.


Marketing Intern

September 2022 San Diego, CA
“Great people to work with, great atmosphere, everyone ready and prepared to work and learn. I learned so much interning here, not just marketing wise but as individual as well. Many skills gained the time I have been here.”
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