The Park District of La Grange

Summer Custodian

June 2018 - August 2019 • La Grange Park, IL

What I liked

The company with the other custodians was pleasant to have. Everybody has their own unique story to tell and if your friends get the same job as you, you could talk with you friends while on breaks. The boss is a really nice guy. He sympathizes with us because he has been working there for quite some time and acknowledges the work that you do. The work is repetitive in some cases, so if are one to exceed in repetition, then this is the job for you.

What I wish was different

Sometimes you finished the work that you were doing and would just lay around and do nothing. Communication isn't the strong suit for the employees and because of the lack of communication, we sometimes end up in the wrong building. Make sure you confirm with your boss where your services will be needed.


It's a really great job to have and a great way to earn some extra cash. Just ask your superior what your daily tasks are and what the rest of the week could hold for you. Making sure you have something to do always helps the time fly by.
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