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About The Power Thread

We discuss confidence, activism, feminism, and mental health to humanize social media and inspire and connect women.

Power comes in all forms. It’s about finding a common truth that is within all of us. Authenticity and connection makes us powerful. The Power Thread is here to build community that brings this truth to life.

Our team interviews women and shares their creative ideas and experiences through our website and Instagram. Through telling the stories of everyday women, we highlight the experiences and personal possessions that make women powerful while covering a wide range of topics – feminism, activism, mental health, entrepreneurship, and travel.


Content Contributor and Outreach Cordinator

June 2019 New York City, NY
“The Power Thread team is a great community of hard working women. By conducting interviews, I have connected with a great network of interesting and inspiring women in diverse career paths. Also, I have been able to work on my writing and editing skills through developing and contributing written content weekly. The Power Thread has given me a supportive platform to develop and attempt creative projects and ideas. ”

Graphic Designer

September 2018 New York City, NY
“The Power Thread has been an awesome opportunity for me to add work to my portfolio! The community is great and I get to do all kinds of projects, like graphics, branding and even content writing. ”
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