The Spice and Tea Exchange of Knoxville

About The Spice and Tea Exchange of Knoxville

The Spice & Tea Exchange ® was founded in August of 2008 by talented individuals with a passion for life and food. At this time, consumers were cautious with spending and tended to stay home more often due to an uncertain economy. Despite everything, The Spice & Tea Exchange ® flourished by offering quality products that elevated at-home eating to a “restaurant-level feel”. What started as a small shop in St. Augustine, Florida, has quickly grown into a nation-wide franchise powered by flavor, passionate business owners, and a desire to bring flavorful ingredients to your kitchen.

Creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful the mission and cornerstone of the business, in which the founders strive to provide guests with quality products and flavorful memories. They offer a high quality, diverse assortment of products in a sensory shopping experience. One step into their shop will kick your senses into high gear as you open the jars and smell, explore recipes, and speak with their knowledgeable staff about your culinary interests.


Sales associate

May 2022 - September 2022 Annapolis, MD
“Everyone there was super chill and you learn a lot working there”
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