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The University of Arizona (UA) is a place without limits—where teaching, research, service, and innovation merge to improve lives in Arizona and beyond. We aren't afraid to ask bigger questions, to get better answers.

Our graduates are accomplished.

At the UA, 100 percent of our undergraduates will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and act on their dreams through internships, fieldwork, community service, student leadership, the developing of original works, and by collaborating within research opportunities. Our mission is to graduate students who are sought after by the best employers and postgraduate programs, and who are ready to embark on meaningful careers.

Equipped with skills, knowledge, experience and the entrepreneurial spirit they gain at the UA, our students become highly skilled members of society who lead with determination, innovate without limits, and create companies that generate more jobs, exponentially benefitting our state, our nation, and the world. Our alumni include astronauts and actors; Grammy, Tony, Emmy, and Oscar winners; media stars; Olympic athletes; Fortune 500 CEOs; public servants; Nobel scientists; inventors, and best-selling authors.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

May 2021 - August 2021 Tucson, AZ
“Attentive faculty and graduate students”

Technical Consultant

June 2021 Tucson, AZ
“I love the atmosphere of the job. While not immediately what I want to do post-college, my knowledge of computer science helped me with the tasks of the job, and the job experience, conversely, helped me with computer science (problem solving). The managerial staff is excellent: friendly, professional, and understanding of the student status of most employees. Additionally, the help / communication network employees have access to makes you feel like part of a team, even when working remote or by yourself. Questions you may have about a customer's issues are answered, if not discussed within seconds of asking. Working for UITS has been a great eye-opener as well. Being my first "office job" per se, I was able to get experience with ticketing, problem solving, and professional communication. As a budding developer, these skills I know will be invaluable to my career. The networking that entails with communicating with customers is also a "perk" to the job. Getting to meet other students, faculty, and professors in a professional setting has been a great way to make connections.”
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