The Write Place, Right Time


January - August 2022 • South Burlington, VT

What I liked

From the very first conversation, there has always been a deep consideration of how you can get the most out of your work there and what really gets your heart going. This has been present consistently throughout my entire experience. For example, my interests are writing and graphic design, so the tasks assigned to me catered to that and often even combined those fields. Scheduling is more than flexible and fair. If you work dedicatedly and earnestly, any conflicts with availability are easily handled and understood.

What I wish was different

Workload for the first two weeks was very hefty. It was bad timing and definitely caught me off guard. On rare occasions, tasks could be repetitive or communication from another member was hard to understand. These issues were resolvable and minuscule compared to what there is to like about working here.


Don't be afraid to be honest or advocate for yourself. That is not only welcomed but genuinely encouraged. Doing this will very likely lead you to be assigned work even more catered to you there and that was definitely the case for me.
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