Thermal Diagnostics LLC

About Thermal Diagnostics LLC

Thermal Diagnostics LLC is a startup that was founded to advance the science and technology of thermal imaging with the long-wavelength infrared light given off by all objects above absolute zero. The founders have nearly a decade of experience in thermal image sensor and calibration development and have discovered solutions to some of the hardest unsolved problems in thermal imaging.

Our flagship product, the Fever Inspect, is the most accurate temperature measurement system available today. In active development now is a miniaturized radiometric camera core intended for easy integration to any electronic system. Fever Inspect is at the forefront of automated temperature screening. Led by Erik Beall, Ph.D. and experts in thermography Fever Inspect aligns thermal imaging science with the science of human physiology to deliver accurate, efficient, budget-friendly, automated temperature screening.


Thermographic coordinator

June 2021 Northfield, MN
“I loved the freedom given within tasks I was asked to do to help with the research!”
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