TNT Fireworks

About TNT Fireworks

TNT Fireworks is the nation’s largest distributor of Consumer Fireworks. For over 50 years, TNT has set the standard for safety, customer satisfaction, innovation and quality in the fireworks industry. Currently, TNT supplies to over 40,000 chain store locations and has 22 Supercenter Retail store locations around the country along with thousands of wholesale sales services. Additionally, TNT partners with local non-profit groups throughout the country each year conducting annual fundraising events in over 5,000 temporary stand and tent locations which bring thousands of dollars of much needed funds back into the local communities. TNT continues to enthusiastically embrace the safe use while enjoying the celebration of special events like our nations independence through the use of its products.



June 2019 - August 2019 Sapulpa, OK
“I was able to have a job and work with people I like. It isn’t the easiest job but there’s a certain level of enjoyment when you’re around people you like. ”

equipment distributor

May 2017 Tacoma, WA
“The welcoming work environment. ”
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