Sever assistant

June - August 2018 • Fort Wayne, IN

What I liked

I loved being around passionate people in the hospitality industry who truly held a love for their job. I mostly loved being able to reconnect with friends and family in the town where I grew up.

What I wish was different

I wish I had the opportunity to engage in a job or internship that is related to the communication field. I would like to be more exposed to other areas in the communication industry, including public relations, marketing, and journalism, so I would have loved to have had an internship.


If you are afforded the opportunity, pursue a job in the summer that relates to your major or your interest of study. A part-time restaurant job is nice, but I have no intentions of working in the hospitality industry after graduating, so it would've been better if I could have made use of that time doing something that could help me in my future career.
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