Trig, Inc.

Brand Representative

June 2019 • St. Paris, OH

What I liked

Pay was nice but entirely commission based. Pay is weekly. Awesome company culture with opportunity to hang out outside work, everyone genuinely wants each other to succeed. Easy to get promoted.

What I wish was different

Average Day: Get to office 9:30-10am, leave office at 11am, travel to WalMart or Menards to arrive by noon (location can be up to an hour away). Make at least 5 sales in the day (harder than you would think because no one wants to talk to a salesperson in Walmart, but achievable.) then you leave at 7pm to get home at 7:30-8pm if you're lucky. If you don't make 5 sales, you are strongly encouraged to work on your day off or stay at work later. Working on days off is the norm. Days off are Tuesday and Wednesday, so the job does require weekend work. (Weekend hours are 9am-6pm instead of the weekday 10am-7pm) -Extreme lack of work life balance -No chance at making money until noon -Traveling up to an hour every day with no reimbursement option -Extremely high employee turnover -Encouraged to spend time with team on days off (which is okay until you're exhausted and just want some time to yourself)


There is a lack of transparency in the interview process about what this job entails. They exaggerate the benefits, and keep in mind they're salespeople so they know how to convince you. They'll tell you that you were selected out of 100+ people, which is definitely not reality. Many people here are young, average age around 20, without college degrees but they are very smart and good at what they do, the job just wasn't for me.
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