Freight Brokerage, 3PL, Transportation, Freight, Logistics Sales.

Job Includes: Prospecting via email, phones, and appointment visits.
Distribution of company literature.
Job Type: Part-time
2 - 3 Days per week ( fairly flexible )


Sales Representative

January 2024 Villa Park, IL
“- Started working here about 7 months after graduation, had no experience in logistics, came from a construction management background. You will be surprised how quick you can see growth at this company if you're willing to put the time into your work and craft. - As a recent college graduate, it is cool to see that my input is valued and not brushed off. - I am currently working here... As a young professional that is driven to learn and grow as much as possible in the 3PL world this is the perfect company to work at. You get to see what it is like to work for an entrepreneur that is driven to see company success and growth. - You get mentored personally by the owner of the company. The training here is based around creating good, professional habits that will translate into success inside and outside of work.”

Sales and Marketing Manager

May 2018 Villa Park, IL
“This is a very flexible and relaxed work environment. There is a lot to learn from working here! ”
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