What's can a Lawn Care Specialist expect to make working with TruGreen?

I would say $14-15/hr. You also make 10-15% of any sales you make while out on your route.
Compensation TruGreen Lawn Care
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How does your day to day life look working as a sales supervisor at TruGreen?

As a Field Sales Supervisor I had many roles to fulfill. Our sales reps would work noon till 9pm and I would get in between 9/10 am. I would work with the branch sales manager to make the routes for the outdoor sales reps to work and go over the previous days sales numbers and update goals for in...
Day in the Life TruGreen Lawn Care Sales Supervisor
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How much was your week dedicated to work with your position as a sales supervisor at TruGreen?

It was a huge commitment that I put into the job. Typically I would work 9/10am-1030/11pm Monday through Friday. We also work d Saturday’s if individuals or the team had not met our weekly goals for sales or if there was a special going on.
Work-Life Balance TruGreen Lawn Care Sales Supervisor
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Was there complete ownership over my work as a Horticulture Specialist at TruGreen?

Complete ownership, as is the case with any applicator job. As a certified applicator it is detrimental to understand the products you use and the laws associated with application work. It is on the applicator if a legal problem arises from the application process (ex. a spill over 5 gal or spray...
Work Ownership TruGreen Lawn Care Horticulturist
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Was there a good working culture at TruGreen?

Team atmosphere, knowledge based, and supportive. Every day the hort people, once finished with their jobs, would check in to see if there was anyone in need of assistance. Everyone I worked with was willing to help me with problems that arose, or questions. We would have a weekly meeting every T...
Company Culture TruGreen Lawn Care
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