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About TSMC Washington (WaferTech LLC)

WaferTech was the first dedicated semiconductor contract manufacturer, also known as a pure-play foundry, in the United States. WaferTech is located on 260 acres in Camas, Washington, 30 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest’s Silicon Forest. The company’s 1-million-square-foot fabrication complex includes approximately 130,000 square feet of clean room space. WaferTech is proud to be a part of TSMC’s family of fabs which comprise the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry operation and provides the industry’s leading process technology, library and IP options and other leading-edge foundry services, such as mask making and IC packaging and testing.


Etch Process Engineering Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Camas, WA
“I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get some hands-on experience in a semiconductor foundry and learning about the complex and varied processes involved in the manufacturing of CMOS logic. Besides spending a lot of time in the clean room environment, it was interesting to see other aspects of factory operation, which was possible through facility tours and time spent with some of the engineers. I had opportunities to learn about and implement the design of experiments methodology, and to work with large amounts of tool data and perform analyses. These topics are not covered explicitly in my coursework at school, but they are valuable skills!”
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Anyone know what a diffusion process engineering intern will do at WaferTech?

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