Turf Valley

About Turf Valley

Turf Valley Resort was established by the Mangione family in 1978, and continues to be run by the family today. When you work for Turf Valley, you will feel more like a member of the family rather than an employee. Unlike most companies, we understand that family comes first and pride ourselves on offering a realistic work/life balance.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is our strong track record of internal promotions and opportunities for growth. Many of our Executive level staff members are proof of this, as they started here in entry level positions when they were teenagers and have quickly worked their way up. Just in my first year here, I have witnessed over a dozen similar internal promotions. We are able to help our employees develop the skills necessary to advance within our organization through a variety of training initiatives and hands-on learning.

Not to mention our amazing perks and employee events! Since we specialize in events and hospitality, we know exactly what goes into a throwing a great party.


Grounds Maintenance Worker

June 2019 - August 2019 Ellicott City, MD
“The job was very independent and offered a different task or job each day. I was outside almost all work day, was able to listen to music, work with new machinery, ride carts, and work with other men my age.”
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