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About Turnkey Corrections, Inc.

We are proud of our existing solutions and continue to adapt to and anticipate new client requirements with an unwavering commitment to the quality, value and constant innovations our clients have come to expect.

The technology era is upon us and has transformed many parts of our lives. In some industries, however, solution providers are slow to adapt to these changes, thereby creating "gaps" between what can be done and what is being done. We are bridging this gap and pioneering new solutions to the Corrections Industry every day.



May 2020 - August 2020 River Falls, WI
“As an intern for Turnkey Corrections // Three Square Market, I rotated through different departments in the company. I spent a week in each department and gained experience in a variety of different areas such as finance, marketing, project management, customer service, etc. As a history major, the variety of experience in the internship program was awesome.”
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