Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

About Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Diversity in Practice is a nonprofit association comprised of the leading Twin-Cities legal employers with the vision to create a vibrant and inclusive legal community and mission to strengthen the efforts of member organizations to attract, recruit, advance, and retain attorneys of color. Our organization is dedicated in taking a leadership role in advancing diversity by engaging the following values:

Open: We engage in honest, transparent and frank conversations that continually challenge the status quo.
Accountable: We are accountable as individuals and as member organizations to live and practice diversity and inclusion every day.
Authentic: We promote a legal community that allows for the expression of people’s authentic selves.
Collaborative: We join together as colleagues to build a diverse and welcoming legal community.
Evolutionary: We are committed to learning that inspires ongoing reflection, inquiry and transformation.

We turn good intentions into action through the active participation of all our members, a full-time Executive Director and a dedicated support staff. We are not about theory. We’re about putting diversity into practice and promoting the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul as a great place for attorneys of color to develop professionally and personally.

Our organization’s work is multi-faceted and committed to bringing our message to the public through timely, innovative programming, progressive initiatives and open lines of communication. We hope you will take the time to get to know us.


Summer Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Minneapolis, MN
“I loved the opportunity of being able to work in a legal and corporate environment. This was my first time working in a legal, corporate, and even office setting. The people there were happily able to help me learn about what it means to work in a legal environment, and never once did I feel as if I was lesser, or intimidated by the peers I worked around. Throughout my internship, I was able to make great connections with individuals in the legal industry, and I was also given a good foundation to build my future career off of. The experience was great overall. ”
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